Sunday, October 1, 2017

Faith or Submission?

Here's my point today:

Is it faith we have or submission?

Do our churches and religions teach us faith or submission?

In my experience, what they call having "faith" is really submission.

Submitting to someone else's authority.

Submitting your power to an external force-like a "holy book" or a diety in the sky sitting on his throne like Santa Claus determining who has been naughty or nice, or to the church leaders and their doctrines.

And the church has given FAITH a bad name.

I want FAITH to make a comeback. It's gotten a bad rap. Having FAITH is now seen as lazy, docile, futile. Because religious people have blindly followed a person, a religion, a man or woman and a doctrine based on this "blind faith". Thus, FAITH has lost all credibility. It has become something for dummies.

And it is much much more than that.

FAITH is real. It is a critical ingredient in our personal development. Nothing happens without faith. Faith is not a bad thing. It's not a weakness. When used properly, it is a STRENGTH.

And I'm calling it out, because blind submission is not FAITH. Neither is sitting on your butt waiting for something you want to happen. Ignoring-or not acknowledging-practical action steps necessary to manifest things in your life is NOT FAITH.

At the same time, sitting still has its value. I'm learning to trust in God again and part of that is listening to the divine voice within before burning myself out "taking action"-meaning I'm spinning my wheels trying to force outcome without asking God to show me the best outcome, the best timing, and the best way to go about achieving that outcome.

We have to take our words back from religion and redefine them.