Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Video: Why Christians are HORRIBLE People

In general, Christians tend to be bad people: no integrity, morals,etc.At best, they're "good"people-just like any other "unsaved"  "good" human being. What makes them so special?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Christianity: Easy-Button Diplomatic Immunity from Personal Accountability

Same topic, different day.

One thing I hear Christians profess publicly on a regular basis is their love for Jesus, how Jesus/God is their protection, how they've been blessed by God, etc. etc. etc.

These people utter these words and I wait for the other shoe to drop. Because it isn't long before they do something that completely CONTRADICTS their so-called Christian sanctimoniousness.

Usually that's how it works.

Because regular people don't have to announce their religious beliefs-nor do they need to proclaim that God is blessing them or protecting them or calling them...or whatever it is that supposedly makes them "special" from the rest of us. Real people just ARE.

Christians use their beliefs as some kind of "immunity" from being called on their stuff. I've recently listened to people talking about how God is working in their life, all while breaking Bible commandments (i.e. sex outside of marriage). God has sent this guy your way but you're pregnant with his bastard baby or "shacked up" together playing house.

It pisses me off how Christians feel that they don't have to actually OBEY the bible or BE RIGHTEOUS. All they have to do is give lip service and that is enough.

Well, it isn't.

Because the ONE THING that is supposed to separate "Believers vs Non-Believers" is that they live a life different than the rest of us "sinners". If they're fornicating, cursing, lying, etc and the rest of us are doing the same thing, WHAT'S THE POINT?

Hey Christians, how about this:

If you're going to talk all about how you're "Saved" and "Blessed", can you PLEASE live that way???