Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Video: Why Christians are HORRIBLE People

In general, Christians tend to be bad people: no integrity, morals,etc.At best, they're "good"people-just like any other "unsaved"  "good" human being. What makes them so special?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Christianity: Easy-Button Diplomatic Immunity from Personal Accountability

Same topic, different day.

One thing I hear Christians profess publicly on a regular basis is their love for Jesus, how Jesus/God is their protection, how they've been blessed by God, etc. etc. etc.

These people utter these words and I wait for the other shoe to drop. Because it isn't long before they do something that completely CONTRADICTS their so-called Christian sanctimoniousness.

Usually that's how it works.

Because regular people don't have to announce their religious beliefs-nor do they need to proclaim that God is blessing them or protecting them or calling them...or whatever it is that supposedly makes them "special" from the rest of us. Real people just ARE.

Christians use their beliefs as some kind of "immunity" from being called on their stuff. I've recently listened to people talking about how God is working in their life, all while breaking Bible commandments (i.e. sex outside of marriage). God has sent this guy your way but you're pregnant with his bastard baby or "shacked up" together playing house.

It pisses me off how Christians feel that they don't have to actually OBEY the bible or BE RIGHTEOUS. All they have to do is give lip service and that is enough.

Well, it isn't.

Because the ONE THING that is supposed to separate "Believers vs Non-Believers" is that they live a life different than the rest of us "sinners". If they're fornicating, cursing, lying, etc and the rest of us are doing the same thing, WHAT'S THE POINT?

Hey Christians, how about this:

If you're going to talk all about how you're "Saved" and "Blessed", can you PLEASE live that way???


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Admitting the Truth About Your Religion and/or Church

One mistake people make when dealing with the topic of religion is using emotion. They don't separate emotion from the actual facts. Religion is such a deeply rooted anchor in our subconscious minds and psyches that our perception is filtered through that emotional lens. This only happens when someone challenges the supremacy of that religious belief system.

A typical knee jerk reaction predicated on emotion is when you critically analyze the church or Christianity as a whole and the person says, "Not all. MY church is a loving family. My pastor (and his wife) are good people who look out for everyone".

If you critically analyze the financial issue of most churches and how churches suck money out of a community without giving anything back in return, the person will not acknowledge it. Instead, they will say that their church does alot for the community.

I don't know why this is, but why can't people admit the truth about something without thinking it means they hate it? In other words, if someone you love is [being] a jackass, you can say so and still love them. I really, really don't get it.

But people think they can't admit the person they love is a jackass AND love them at the same time.

Just look at the fruit. An apple tree doesn't make watermelons. It makes apples. Churches are supposed to produce morality, healing, unconditional love, stability, community, among many other good things. Instead, they produce immorality, sickness, conditional love and acceptance, instability, greed, conflict and anything besides true community.

When you point this out, they'll say that this is not all churches. And in essence the church has a bad stigma but...blah blah and blah.

This is, at least in part, because when it comes to religion, in most people's minds, you can't admit the church is messed up, or that the church leadership is corrupted and not be a traitor. This tells me you're not allowed to have your own opinion.

Now, to be clear, my position is that you can't truly be a part of a religion or a church that is so inherently flawed while knowing this is the case. As the Bible says, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.."

But at least be honest. If you know it's all B.S. and you still choose to stay, just be honest about why. You may be lonely. You may just be comfortable and hate any kind of change. Or you may just be plain old afraid to leave. Just admit the truth.

I am, however, a realist. I know people won't admit the truth. But I'm still going to talk about it anyway.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tragedy-the Christian Epic Fail (Quick Thoughts on the Carolina Church Shooting)

If you're online or watching the national news, you've already been bombarded with the steady drumbeat of the church shooting in North Carolina. The official story says a young white male walked into a black church and at some point during the service opened fire on the congregation, killing 9 people-men and women.

Then the boy walked out. Not sure why the church had high tech surveillance cameras to catch an image of him leaving (hmmm) but word went out and people have been skwacking about this non-stop the past few days.

The "conspiracy theorist" in me is very suspicious of this event, which has been dubbed a hate crime without any evidence by the media and even President Obama-just based on the fact that it was a white male who shot black people. So many things don't add up and instead of critically thinking, people-as usual-are over-emotional and dumb. So I say "fine". If you want to fall for this psy-op, go ahead. This is a race-baiting issue to piggyback a sequence of race issues the media has been pushing, so, oh well. Continue on, sheeple.

My angle in this blog is on the religion aspect, since this took place in a "house of God" or a church.

Christians are looking real stupid right about now.

This happened IN God's house, on God's watch-right Christians?

Well, what the hell happened? (no pun intended).

I guess these Jesus-praising folks weren't "blessed and highly favored".

I suppose those that were brutally killed were not "under God's covering"?

What happened to "no weapon formed against me shall prosper?"

I'm not gloating about this. I wouldn't wish this to happen to anybody.

But that's not the point.

In times like this, the Christian pathology is really put to the test. I used to be one of these people, so I know firsthand the mentality. I've lived with the psychosis or better yet, the arrogance that this God of the bible loves Christians (or "saved" Christians) more than the rest of humanity. How arrogant to convince yourself you're "saved" and everyone else is going to hell!

If there is a God (the way Christianity dictates "Him" to be) God is an asshole. What kind of supreme being allows his worshippers to be gunned down by a complete stranger?

As usual with these kinds of tragic events, Christians are trying to cover their tracks with the typical comebacks, such as:

  • The shooter was sent by Satan.
  • The dead are in a better place
  • there's a reason for everything
  • God doesn't work that way (in response to being asked why God allowed this).
  • We forgive the shooter

Christians suck. seriously. Just admit you don't know. I remember being indoctrinated in the church to have to have the answers to "non-believers". We were taught that Christians should never be caught with their pants down. We can NEVER admit we're wrong or that we don't understand what or why certain things happen. 

The family of the deceased (also Christians) are proclaiming they forgive the shooter. This is stupid and arrogant on so many levels. The reason: this forgiveness for the most part is something people hide behind to appear like they're on this moral high ground. 

To hell with forgiveness. I'm pro-being bitter. 

And I'm tired of this having to hurry -up- and -forgive  philosophy Christianity pushes on everyone. New Age people and "good" folks do that, too. It's like you're a bad person if you don't forgive. If you don't forgive, you're stuck and can't move forward in life. Even worse, for Christians not forgiving is a sin and if you don't you won't get into the pearly gates of heaven. 

Well, I'll tell you one thing: if God is in this heaven, and he allowed this and he couldn't stop Satan from breaking in and destroying, I'm better off somewhere else.